ADIHEX enhances efforts to preserve Handicraft Sustainability

Abu Dhabi – April 27, 2022

The “Arts and Crafts” sector in the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) highlights the aesthetics of the UAE cultural heritage, where efforts are exerted to raise awareness of the importance of preserving traditional crafts and professions and the sustainability of traditional industries.

ADIHEX, held under the theme "Sustainability and Heritage... A Reborn Aspiration" was keen to strongly depict the masterpieces of handicrafts that personalize the UAE great history, authentic heritage and ancient environment in its events celebrating the cultural heritage and human civilization from different continents. 

The next 19th edition of the exhibition "ADIHEX 2022" will be organized by Emirates Falconers' Club from the upcoming September 26th to October 2nd , and sponsored by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, International Fund for Houbara Conservation and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre where the event is being held.

ADIHEX provides visitors with the opportunity to explore the UAE culture and its authentic heritage through the diverse and innovative features it offers, which raise their awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and wildlife, and encourage them to practice environmentally friendly sports in a sustainable manner.