Arabian Horse Auction

ADIHEX organizes the Arabian Horse Auction - Speed Races

Abu Dhabi, 24 July 2022

Horses have played an important role throughout human history all over the world. Equestrian is an essential and pivotal sector in Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian since its establishment in 2003, which represents the big efforts of UAE in preserving heritage sports and authentic traditions and introducing the importance of the purebred Arabian horses to people around the world.

The next edition (ADIHEX 2022) witnesses the participation of a wide range of regional companies specialized in the manufacture of riding supplies, trailers, horse boxes, horseshoes, saddles, horse bridles, nutritional supplements and feed, horse riding clothes and shoes, as well as equestrian skills schools. This is in addition to special features that attract horse lovers of all age groups.

The Emirates Arabian Horse Association (EAHS) participates annually in ADIHEX, and it is considered a major and active partner in the features and activities of this important sector. In cooperation with the Emirates Falconers Club, the Emirates Arabian Horse Association will participate this year in organizing  “the  ADIHEX 2022 Arabian Horses Auction - Speed Races”, where about 20 to 30 horses will be auctioned by Arabian horse breeders and owners in addition to those interested in acquiring elite flat race horses.

During the exhibition, the Emirates Arabian Horse Association will organize several educational lectures on the equestrian sector platform revolving around the Association's registration services, the horse feeding system, the conditions for registering the Arabian horses, and the characteristics of the Desert Arabian horses.