Most Beautiful Captive-Bred Falcons

Under the supervision of Emirati & international experts and members of the Emirates Falconers Club & the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey

Three categories in the contest of the Most Beautiful Captive-Bred Falcons at the Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX)

Abu Dhabi, 02 August 2022

Captive-bred falcons represented a genuine revolution in the sport of falconry and in the sustainability and revival of this authentic heritage. In the Middle East, the use of captive-bred falcons has become noticeably widespread in the Arab Gulf countries.

The use of captive-bred falcons to practice falconry has contributed to reducing pressure on the use of wild falcons and enhancing its numbers. Abu Dhabi’s research and scientific efforts has helped in improving the breeds of falcons to become stronger and more immune to diseases. It also worked on producing selected species with distinctive hunting qualities and aesthetics.

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) announced the launch of a new edition of the contest “The Most Beautiful Captive-Bred Falcons”, which has achieved wide international fame and attracted many participants who are keen annually to present their best captive-bred falcons from falcon farms in the region and the world.

The contest has earned the appreciation of regional and international entities concerned with preserving heritage and protecting the environment, for motivating falconers to preserve wild falcons.

The contest includes three categories including: Most Beautiful Saker (Local & International), Most Beautiful Pure Gyr (Local & International), and Most Beautiful Gyr Peregrine.

A jury consisting of Emirati and international experts in the field of falcons and its breeding, and members of the Emirates Falconers Club and the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF), is responsible for carefully evaluating the participating falcons based on several criteria such as; the weight and body measurements of the birds, the symmetry and color of the feathers, the details of the birds’ head, body and legs, the general aesthetic appearance of the birds, as well as their health and the absence of any diseases.

The contest will be held on the last day of the exhibition, Sunday the 2nd of October 2022, where the falconry companies and farms wishing to participate shall come to the stand of the Emirates Falconers Club at 6pm.

The falconry sector, including the manufacturing and designing of falconry equipment, add great importance to the upcoming edition. It is one of the most prominent sectors that enthusiasts await every year since the commencement of ADIHEX in 2003. Additionally, it has become one of the major attractions for all attendees and a key factor in the exhibition’s success throughout the years.

The upcoming 19th edition of ADIHEX is organized by Emirates Falconers' Club from 26 September to 2 October 2022. Its official sponsors are the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, International Fund for Houbara Conservation, and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre where the event is being held. Moreover, the sponsor of "Hunting Guns" sector is Caracal International LLC, the visitor experience partner is POLARIS-Specialized Sports Equipment, the features sponsors are Smart Design and the Royal Tent Company, the official Automotive partner is ARB Emirates, while the supportive partner is the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

His Excellency Majid Ali Al Mansouri, the Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee and Secretary General of the Emirates Falconers Club, emphasized that the innovative competitions, which are annually launched during ADIHEX, have made the Emirate of Abu Dhabi a leader in the field of events that seek to preserve cultural heritage, conserve wildlife, and protect the environment. The contest of the most beautiful and largest captive-bred falcons comes at the forefront of these contests. ADIHEX was the first to launch this unique event in the world, and through it the idea of this contest was transferred to many countries.

His Excellency said that Abu Dhabi worked early on developing an effective strategy for the sustainability of falconry, based on expanding captive breeding to produce enough high-quality birds for sale at reasonable prices. This was done in conjunction with awareness campaigns targeting falconry enthusiasts in order to preserve wild falcons and limit their hunting.

The contest aims to encourage the falconers to use captive-bred falcons while practicing their favorite sport, and motivates experts in falconry and falcon farms to produce larger and more beautiful falcons in terms of feathers and color, thus replacing the use of wild falcons and allowing them to breed in their natural habitats.

Many falcon breeders, specialists in falcon breeding and training, in addition to manufacturers and innovators of falconry tools and equipment from the Middle East and all over the world are keen to participate in ADIHEX, which became a unique destination for all falconers around the world, an attractive hub for falcon breeders, and a forum for consultation and exchange of experiences regarding the world of falconry and sustainable hunting.

Regional and international companies participate in the exhibition and showcase the latest technologies related to falconry as well as both ancient and modern falconry equipment, in addition to companies that provide treatment and pharmaceuticals to birds, as well as associations and clubs that specialize in breeding, training and hunting with falcons. These clubs and associations are affiliated with the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey, which has 100,000 members representing 110 clubs and institutions from 90 countries.

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