Sector Product List
ARTS & CRAFTS Paintings, equestrian art, falconry art, galleries, artists, craft items, sculptures, trophies, Photography, Calligraphy, cultural institutions, Mixed media & photography and more
EQUESTRIAN Horseboxes, horseshoes, trailers, saddles, halters, riding boots, horse feed supplements, chaps & tack items, clothing & boots, gloves, breeches & Horses, racing clubs , training centers, stables
FALCONRY Falcons, gauntlets, gloves, lures, perch, acorn, bells & swivels hoods, jesses & leashes, setters & leather, knives and more
HUNTING & CAMPING EQUIPMENT Bows, crossbows, arrows, targets, archery accessories, Hunting knives, tents and sleeping bags, chairs, Flashlight/headlamp/lantern, inflatable pad, clothing, gloves, boots, camping outfits and more
HUNTING GUNS Rifles, pistols, revolvers, decorative guns, heritage daggers, handguns, shotguns, Hunting knives, and more
HUNTING TOURISM & SAFARI Destination management companies & operators, hunting safaris, hunting destinations and more
OUTDOOR LEISURE VEHICLE & EQUIPMENT Camping trailers, RVs, SUVs, bikes, ATV’s/UTV’s, off-road, on-road accessories and supplies. Outdoor sport, sandboard, climbing, cyclying, sands surfing equipment, step-up engine, modified suspension & exhaust system, toughened bumpers and more
PROMOTION & PRESERVATION OF ENVIRONMENT & CULTURAL HERITAGE Cultural institutions, historians, artists, government organizations, non-profit organizations and more
FISHING EQUIPMENT & MARINE SPORTS Fishing rods, tackles, lures, boats, hooks, paddles, water sports equipment, scuba diving, surfing, fly board, remote control boats, aqua bikes, sea scooters, fly and surfing boards
VETERINARY & PHARMACEUTICAL PRODUCTS & SERVICES Veterinary equipment, Veterinary clinics, Feeding systems, animal food products, avian and equine health products and more
MEDIA Hunting related media, Tourism media, publishing, cultural media, TV, Radio, content creators & vloggers enthusiasts, Specialized Media Houses, and more