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Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) is an Ideal Destination for the Enthusiasts of Camping and Outdoor Activities 

Abu Dhabi, June 07, 2022

With less than 100 days remaining for the Suhail (star) to appear, and the mild weather to begin for the enthusiasts of hunting and road trips, the camping season is approaching in the UAE, where the appropriate environment and beautiful nature coincide with the widespread demand by companies specialized in the production and distribution of supplies for road, beach and camping trips to participate in the 19th edition of Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX), which has become the ideal destination for the lovers of outdoor activities and road trips.

In its upcoming edition (ADIHEX 2022), the exhibition witnesses an extensive local and regional participation in “Hunting and camping equipment” sector. It is considered one of the most attractive sectors awaited by the event’s fans each year, and witnesses a remarkable turnout from enthusiasts of camping, outdoor and traditional trips, to have a unique adventure and experiencing the joy of hunting and camping, as well as enjoying nature closely by exploring all available options and obtaining their essentials for memorable trips. 

The companies participating in ADIHEX offer to the travel enthusiasts a variety of fundamental supplies for outdoor adventures at affordable prices through direct sales, which include essentials and supplies for camping, such as all kinds of tents, sleeping bags, warm jackets, food storage containers, bags for personal items, outdoor cooking and grilling equipment, portable tables and chairs, cleaning and waste disposal equipment, first aid kits, and much more.  

In addition to caravans, hunting vehicles and desert safaris, equipment, and accessories needed to facilitate camping. The pavilions of vehicles used in camping and safari trips attract a great deal of the visitors' interest, who are keen to explore the new products offered by the exhibitors, including SUVs, mobile "caravans", and all car accessories. 

The upcoming (19) edition of “Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition " will be organized by Emirates Falconers' Club from the upcoming September 26th to October 2nd and sponsored by the Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi, International Fund for Houbara Conservation and Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre where the event is being held. Moreover, the sponsor of "Hunting Weapons" sector is Caracal International LLC, the visitor’s experience partner is POLARIS-Specialized Sports Equipment, and the supportive partner is the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 

His Excellency Majid Ali Al Mansouri, Chairman of the Higher Organizing Committee of ADIHEX, Secretary General of the Emirates Falconers Club, emphasized that the exhibition has become the ideal destination for anyone planning a safari or hunting trip, camping, and practicing outdoor activities, and returning to the fragrance of history, culture, authentic sports and the taste of art in its various forms. It also provides visitors and tourists with the opportunity to get all what they need in terms of vehicles and equipment, and obtain the best services to experience a unique stay that combines authentic heritage and modernity, carry out various outdoor activities in the most beautiful oases, and engage in exciting adventure sports in the desert.

In this edition (ADIHEX2022), the "Hunting & Camping" sector is also witnessing high demand by companies specialized in manufacturing and providing essentials for road, beach and camping trips, whereas many companies ensured to finalize their bookings early this year, expand their stand spaces, and prepare their products and innovations after the great success of the previous edition, and the distinguished services and facilities that the exhibition provides this year to exhibitors and visitors to enhance direct selling services during the event.

The exhibition period has been extended to become (7) days, giving all exhibitors the opportunity to offer and sell their goods, and to satisfy the aspirations of target buyers to shop all the requirements of camping and hunting trips for the next season.

The Higher Organizing Committee of ADIHEX is keen to provide many excellent facilities and services to the exhibitors from the GCC countries in particular, in addition to effective promotional and marketing packages that strengthen the position of ADIHEX as an important commercial event for them, which is characterized by a strong purchasing power, whereas thousands of safari, hunting and outdoor activities enthusiasts visit the exhibition annually to learn about wildlife in different environments and get ready to experience the fun of adventure, challenge, and camping, by obtaining all their essentials from local and international companies participating in the sectors of "Hunting Tourism and Safari ", "Hunting and Camping equipment”, and “Outdoor Leisure Vehicles and Equipment”.   

In the past edition, the exhibitors in the "Hunting and Camping Equipment" sector were able to significantly increase their sales by welcoming interested customers, meeting with major buyers, industry leaders and marketing experts, and making deals and partnerships with the most prominent local agents and distributors to market their products.  

ADIHEX provides its visitors with new products and wide options to experience fun and thrill at the top of the dunes in road trips through “Outdoor Leisure Vehicle and Equipment” sector, where the latest and best kinds of specialized bikes and vehicles for the spectacular desert excursions are offered from major and popular global brands. This in addition to several car modification companies with extensive experience under one roof in the sector. Moreover, (ADIHEX) has the latest camping trailers, RVs, ATVs, bikes, ATV/UTVs, off-road and outdoor sports accessories and supplies, and many more hunting and camping essentials.  

Walid Youssef, General Manager of ARB Emirates, has pointed out that the Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) plays a prominent role in bringing together passionate and adventurous enthusiasts under one roof, in addition to highlighting the importance of the ancient heritage traditions that are unique to the UAE. Moreover, it also contributes to enhancing the company's growth opportunities and achieving its goals by communicating with a wider base of clients.  

For his part, Obaid Saeed Abdullah from "Al Mignas Tents and Travel Supplies", said, "Our annual participation in the Abu Dhabi International Hunting & Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX) is one of the key events that the company awaits throughout the year, since such participation has many benefits, including reviving the sale of products offered by the Company, introducing visitors to new products, as well as attracting new customers and dealers every year from the visitors who have become permanent customers of the company throughout the year, and they visit its stand to learn about everything new in the world of travel and camping supplies.”        

As for Omar Aweidah from "Al Gharbia Tents and Travel Supplies Company", he confirms that ADIHEX is an important platform for introducing visitors from across the UAE to the products offered by the Company and acquiring new customers every year. It has also substantially contributed to enhancing the Company's good reputation, praising the significant annual increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors alike.

Mustafa Lutfi Ali from “Al Bawadi Trips & Equipment Trading” considers that the remarkable yearly demand of the public to purchase camping essentials encourages the companies working in this field to participate continuously in ADIHEX, and to provide the best products that would satisfy the taste of enthusiasts who love hunting sports and road trips as well as other hobbies and authentic UAE traditions.      

- For more information and any inquiry, please contact Zainab Abu Obeida - Emirates Falconers Club. 


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