The ADIHEX Conference is a premier learning platform that offers free-to-attend workshops, panel discussions and case studies to the ADIHEX attendees.


In partnership with the International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey (IAF)

ADIHEX and IAF is developing a conference progamme that tackles the important and relevant issue concerning falconry and wildlife conservation.


ADIHEX LIVE 2022 brings to the table a wide variety of workshops, hosted by an outstanding lineup of speakers with thought-provoking content/topics all for free to ADIHEX visitors.


The Business Connect Programme is a networking platform between suppliers & manufacturers across the 11 sectors of ADIHEX and their buyers.

As an ADIHEX exhibitor, you can enjoy a complimentary business networking platform service through the ADIHEX Business Connect programme.


ADIHEX offers more networking and business opportunities in a face-to-face event format augmented with additional value to its attendees through a curated digital experience for the industry, by the industry.


Our commitment to sustainability

ADIHEX aspires to improve our impact environmentally, socially, and economically in the region. We strive to make the event more responsible as we help the events industry recover its sustainability through connecting people with the right platform as they contribute to finding solutions to the challenges in the related sectors.

Join us and make a positive impact.

As A Visitor

-Be a ADIHEX responsible visitor and inspire others through innovation and sustainability.

-We encourage you to book your tickets on-line to reduce use of paper during the event.

-Reduce your paper output by switching to digital alternatives, such as downloading the show app instead of taking a printed show guide, and others.

-Use public transport when getting to and from the venue.

-Be aware of what waste you are generating. Reduce where possible and use the provided recycling bins when appropriate

More tips and suggestions to be shared on-site.

As An Exhibitor

Exhibitor Sustainability Checklist

As a ADIHEX exhibitor we encourage you to join our sustainability initiatives by completing the below points:

-Building your stand – It is essential to make sure that the stand structures are designed to be used again by contractor or by yourself.

-Travelling to the Event/Logistics & Shipment –
When arranging your travel needs, we prefer you to use the most sustainable travelling option such as using the public transport or practice car pooling with your colleague . And always check the company’s

-Minimize the use of paper distribution by going digital and make sure to use recycled & sustainably paper
when printing is necessary.

-Promotional Items/Give Away- Give consideration with the number of items when you order, materials they are made from and the usability of the items.

-Energy Efficiency–LED lights is best to use for your all the lighting needs of
your stand and make sure to turn off all the machine & equipment at the end of the day during the 7 day of the event.

-Observe proper waste disposal and we encourage you to always segregate your plastics, papers and other recyclable materials.

More tips and suggestions to be shared on-site.